Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ben's 31st (SURPRISE) Birthday

My sweet husband is not a huge birthday person...prefers to keep things simple and quiet.  But, unfortunately for him... he's married to the BIRTHDAY QUEEN!!!  I LOVE having an excuse to throw a party =)

Last night, I planned on having our families over for a nice dinner to celebrate Ben's birthday (which is actually March 10th).  We had a truly wonderful time and enjoyed the early part of the evening!  Then, I may (or may not have), invited a few of Ben's buddies over to surprise him and celebrate with us with cake and drinks... we had a full house!  Sorry I didn't get better pictures =)

And OF COURSE there was a Dallas Cowboys cake from Opulent cakes...yum!!!

Here's a pic of the hubs and I right before people started showing up at the door...

A picture of our little family of three... (Reid WAS looking at the camera...but it looks like we just missed it in this shot...oh well!)

Awww...I love these two with all my heart!!!

Ben's "real" birthday is actually this Tuesday, March 10th.  My mom is taking our little dude for the evening and Ben and I have reservations at Bob's Steak and Chop House...CANNOT WAIT...YUM!!!!  Happy early birthday to the greatest husband and daddy in the world!!!  


Anonymous said...

Hapy Birthday Ben!! You are so sweet to have planned such a fun party!

Christian Family said...

Happy birthday Ben!!! We are so sad we missed the party...we thought we might make it, but things got a little busy around our home last night!!!
We know yall had a great time, though!!!
Hope to see yall soon!!!

Dave and Tara Harris said...

Oh how fun!! Dave and I ate at Bob's before we had Kate and it was FABULOUS!!! It was our most favorite steak house we've ever eaten at! Have fun and plan on not eating all day so you will have all the room for dinner!!! Tell Ben Happy Nirthday from us!