Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reid is 3 weeks old!

Our baby boy is 3 weeks old today!  It's amazing to think that he has gone from this:

...To this in just 3 short weeks!!! (We LOVE those chubby arms!)

We love this little guy more and more each day - he's a true blessing to our family!


Kristin said...

He is so precious!! What a sweet boy. Heartbreaker indeed!

Molly said...

It is truly amazing how quickly they change. I still look back at Owen's baby pictures and wonder where time went. Take each moment in, live slowly and try not to do everything. The journey is so much sweeter that way (I am telling myself this as I am typing it!)

Dave and Tara Harris said...

He is getting so big! They do grow WAY TOO fast!!! He looks sooo much like you I think! He is beautiful! And I love the picture of him sleeping in his crib! Kate's crib bumper pad is thick like Reid's and she uses it as a pillow. I love seeing how she feels sooo safe and comfortable in her bed. It makes me as her mom feel so fullfilled!!! Enjoy!!!

Sang McDonnell said...

He is such a beautiful baby!!! I'll tell ya', seeing all these baby pictures of Reid doesn't help the baby fever! LOL.