Wednesday, January 28, 2009


...Baby P's not on his way quite yet...little stinker!! =)  He's proving to be quite stubborn, so that assures us that he will fit in VERY well with this family!  Haha!

We did receive an update today (LOVE the updates on our little guy - they put our hearts and minds at ease and we get so stinkin' excited!)...  S had another doctor appointment and everyone is still doing great and very healthy.  Unfortunately for S, her doctor is not going to let her go another week past due.  She has to go in for another appointment tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon and they will be setting an induction date for early next week.  We know that S really didn't want to be induced...  but... we are SO EXCITED that we are only a few short days away from meeting Baby P and holding this precious gift!  We obviously, won't know the exact induction date until we get another update... But, how cool for Ben and I if our little guy was born this next Monday (February 2nd)???  That is our 7th wedding anniversary and what a PERFECT way to celebrate!

And...because I have several messages/texts on my phone in regards to this...  Many of you who live in the DFW area have been invited to one of our two baby showers (I have the greatest friends in the world!!)  The Keller/Bedford shower will still be held on Sunday, February 8th - no changes there.  The Keystone Shower is being moved from Thursday, Feb 5th, to Thursday, Feb 12th.  You will be receiving an email/evite confirming those changes... but wanted to let everyone know.  As I said... I have THE GREATEST FRIENDS AND FAMILY in the world and am so appreciative for all that they are doing!  They all scrambled to put the showers together, and now some of them are having to scramble to move the date.  They have all gone above and beyond.  Thank you...we love you!  Baby P's just making sure we know that he will NOT be following our schedule...he's got his own plans!  haha


Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah yeah!! I saw your facebook status and literally sprinted to my laptop to read the update! That would be so cool if he is born on your anniversary! Either way at least you know that for sure by this time next week he'll be in your loving arms!! So happy for you!! I think I'll go celebrate!

Ryan and Holly said...

Isabella was seven days late and ended up coming on her own the night before we were scheduled to be induced! She and Baby P just might grow up to be friends :) Praying for all of you!

Joel and Jenny said...

Guys, I know that the anticipation and excitement that we are feeling along side you is nothing in comparison to the way you are feeling, but know that we are dying this with you.

Molly said...

The nurse side of me totally agrees with the induction at this point! Mercy...I know very few women who can hang on this long. We are praying for her as I know this isn't what she was wanting!

I love hearing about the shower plans! Can't wait to see all of the pictures!

Steve, Tracy, Wesley & Reeve said...

No schedule for this little guy! He will make an appearance when he is good and ready! =) So glad to hear that S and baby are healthy. Just a few more days! Love you guys and praying for you.