Monday, January 12, 2009

There are no words... describe how stinkin' cute all of these sweet baby boy clothes are!

I mean, seriously...LOOK at that little jean jacket and sweat suit...

So, yeah...we've been shopping!=)  I think Baby P now has more clothes than I do... Ben was cracking up that this is the first time EVER I've walked in and out of the mall without ever once looking at something for myself.  It's amazing us at how quickly and fiercely we love this child that we have never even met... "Me" has definitely faded to the background.

Just another pic of some clothes piles that I am quickly trying to organize.  Have any of you ever noticed that the baby boy sections in these stores normally takes up only a tiny little corner?... then the other 3/4 of the store are all pink...CRAZY!!!  Somehow, we still managed to find more than enough.  =) Let me tell you, though... Ben has some definite opinions on what his little man is going to be dressed in!  We are ALL BOY... and I love it!

Enough about the clothes, though (even though they are so much fun!)... on to the real reason for my post this afternoon.  We just had the incredible honor of meeting and talking with S for the first time - what a precious, precious time that was for us!  Thank you so much for all of your prayers...the call went wonderfully!!!  We feel overwhelmed at the abundance of God's blessings... to know that our sweet boy has been so loved and prayed for right from the very beginning by this incredible birth family... this exceeds our wildest expectations!!!

Baby P and S have their last doctor appointment tomorrow before the birth - S is incredible and will be filling us in on all of the details from the appointment as soon as she can.  I can't wait to hear them!!!  At their last appointment about 2 weeks ago, Baby P was already weighing 6.5 - 7 lbs...   So they are estimating his birth weight to be 8lbs or greater - what a big boy!!!  S also said that he is VERY active... so I'm sure our home is about to be filled with lots of laughs and all things little boy! 

I can't even describe to you the emotions running through us right now... we are ELATED...floating on cloud 9!!!  I don't think that the tears have stopped flowing since Friday afternoon... 

Oh!!!  And we do have a name picked out for Baby P!  We were able to share it with S today, and it is so very special to us!  We will announce it publicly as soon as he is born... we can't wait to meet our baby boy!

Rejoicing and praising the ultimate Giver of Life!


Molly said...

Isn't it crazy how quickly you fall in love! And let me tell you, it's even more intense the first time you lay eyes on that child.

I cannot tell you how excited we are for you all and I know that's weird because we don't even know each other, but regardless...we're elated to see God creating your sweet family. I love hearing how much love and respect you have for his birth family. That is and will forever be so important to Baby P.

Praying for you! OH, and I SO agree about the boys' clothes section...and now having a girl I am overwhelmed with all of the choices!

Beth G. said...

I am SO happy everything went well with meeting S. I love the clothes and you are right... "Me" gets put on the back burner very quickly but it is such an awesome thing. It is such a wonderful reminder of our Fathers love for us and how He desires the best for us.

I cannot wait to see Baby P!

Diana said...

That is so much fun that you are building a relationship with the birth mom. I am sure she is confident in her choice.

martha said...

Thrilled. Elated. Speechless. Thank you for sharing so openly and candidly. I am just beyond happy for you.
And let me know if you want any of my secret boy shopping places!! There are places to choose as much or more than girls and just as stinkin cute!!

Freeman bunch said...

Holly, I know I don't know you that well. But I am so thankful your meeting with Baby P's birthmother went well today. You adoption story brings back many memories for me about our girls adoptions. It is such an amazing, special time but overwhelming all at the same time. God is so good and He already knew this baby was to be yours long before he was conceived.

Congrats and enjoy every minute.

Danielle said...

I was praying for you guys at 2:00 today (1:00 your time!). So I'm so happy the call went wonderfully! Cute clothes... if you ever need anything, just let us know. Poor Jon-Jon, he doesn't own one thing new to wear :). But with 2 boys, the bins are overflowing and we'd love to mail you some :)! Thanks for keeping us updated...

Jenny said...

Hi! I got your blog from Amanda's post about your exciting baby news. I've added you to my list of blogs to check now.

I noticed you have some Baylor gear. My hubby and I are both Baylor grads ('97 & '98). We have 2 boys and are expecting number 3 this summer. I must say that raising little boys is so much fun!

I've praying for you guys! (For the whole 3 days I've heard of your story). So glad things are just moving along in God's perfect timing.

My blog is:

Feel free to visit anytime... in all the spare time you'll be having! Ha!

Many blessings!!!

Leslie said...

Holly - I don't know any details of your story but I am so happy to hear you are almost a mother! I can't wait to follow your story. Prayer for you and your sweet little boy over the next few weeks.
Leslie (Thrash) Lohrding

Jamie C. said...

Hey momma! I'm so thrilled for you guys! Ben and I can't wait to meet your beautiful new addition. You two are so amazing and so faithfull, and He will reward you for that. You will discover a love for this little baby that you never thought was possible. It is only a small taste of the love our Father has for us. I never thought that it would be so easy to lay all things "Jamie" down for another. But I do it everyday, gladly. This child will be blessed to have you guys as parents.

Oh, and I know what you mean about the boys section, but somehow we find the cute stuff. You just have to claw your way past the pink. Our fave store is Children's Place. All stylish and too cute!

We love you and can't wait to hear more!

Meggan and Trent said...

Shopping for boy clothes is the hardest! I have fallen in love with the clothes at Janie & Jack, Gymboree, and Baby Gap. Marshalls has some great deals, too.

So excited for you!

Amanda said...

I'm so happy today's meeting went well. I've been praying, and love that she's much more than you even knew to hope for. You are so blessed.

I love all the baby clothes. The Children's Place is always a great place to shop. Cute, durable clothes and great prices. They have an equally sized boy's section to boot. :)

Amanda Jo said...

Word cannot express the joy I am feeling for you and your family right now!

As an adoptive mother I know that feeling of love that you cannot explain and how quickly it comes. It's an amazing gift from the Lord!!!!

The three of you are going to make such a sweet family!

I can't wait to read more and see his pictures!!!

Melissa Darby said...

And the crazy thing is, you will ALWAYS spend the money on your kids, before yourself. It really is awesome how you can literally just be changed overnight. So excited for you guys and love the closet :) Can't wait for Carson and Baby P to play.

Anonymous said...

I love all of the sweet clothes you got him- he is going to be one fashionable boy!! I can't wait to meet him!!

kari said...

Hi Holly, you don't know me but im a friend of Adam and Amanda Beck. Amanda showed me your blog and I am so touched by your story. I am so happy for yall and praying that everything goes as smooth as possible. If you need anything embroidered with your new baby's name please let me know!
Love in Christ,
Kari Borgman