Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

So I'm way behind in blog posts...  I don't have time to fully catch up today, but I did want to post a few pics from our FABULOUS NEW YEARS EVE!  (photographs compliments of Jayme and Sayard)

We started off the evening with dinner reservations at Fireside Pies...

Pictured: Shaun, Ben, Me, Jayme, Grant, and Jill

Benjamin and I =)

Then we headed over to "the biggest party of the year"... The New Year's Eve bash at John and Amy Bain's house...what a blast!!!  Tons of our friends were there and it was so much fun to ring in the New Year with everyone. 

Angie, Me, Jill, and Sayard

And, of course...there was LOTS of dancing...

This is actually a kind-of embarrassing photograph of me that Sayard happened to catch...but I thought it was too funny not to share - looks like I was having a good time!

I hope that you and your family had a wonderful start to the New Year as well!  Ben and I are so excited for all that this year will possibly hold... hopefully our little family will finally get to welcome Baby P!


Beth G. said...

Happy New Year!!

Molly said...

that's hilarious! I went to college with Angie. I think she transferred at some point, or maybe just changed majors but she looks so familiar! how small is this world???

still praying for you all and your sweet baby!

Holly Floyd Peterson said...

Hey Molly...what a small world!!! What was your maiden name? I'll have to ask Angie if she remembers you =)

Molly said...

My maiden name is Murphy, I went to OBU school of nursing and I think that's where we knew each other.

Tell her I said hello!