Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Top 10 Holiday Happenings

1 - Thanksgiving Day
We had a wonderful, relaxing day spent with my family...  Low-key, lots of food, and even more football... doesn't get better than that!  We also took family pictures for my parents' Christmas cards...but Neely hasn't sent them to me yet...so you can blame her for them being posted late.  Haha...I love my sister =)

2 - Computer Crash
(Disclaimer: I didn't say that all of these Top 10 were good things.)

My computer revolted during the second quarter of the Cowboy game on Thanksgiving Day.  This involved me loosing a ton of work... literally getting sick to my stomach... standing in the cold rain outside the apple store VERY early on Black Friday... angry-crying to the mac genius... And it just gets worse from there.  I'm done re-living that experience and moving on.

3 - Four Christmases
Saw it not once, but twice!

4 - Christmas Tree #1
In an attempt to take my mind off of the afore mentioned computer crash... Ben was a great sport and suggested we put up all of our Christmas decorations (and we have a lot of them...).  Here's a pic of tree number one:

5 - Christmas Tree #2
...and a pic of tree number 2:

And, I also have to mention that the trees were the easy part...  Poor Ben spent two days setting up my enormous snow village collection.  Each little piece has tiny little lights that have to be wired and plugged in then run with extension chords into the adapters...  You get the picture.  Ben definitely wins the award for most patient husband EVER!  I have three different "snow village communities" scattered through our house now. =)

6 - Esparza's Night
Esparza's in downtown Grapevine has to be one of my favorites - and with this crew, good times are always had!  (All of the guys were there, too...just didn't get them in this pic)
Pictured: Misty, Jill, Jayme, Me, Neely

Jill's brother (Jeff) and his wife (Misty) were in town for Thanksgiving... plus we had the rare pleasure of Neely and Craig both being home at the same time... so we had to make it a celebration!  

7 - Mom's Birthday
Celebration #2 of the weekend...MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY!!!  It was on Saturday (11/29) and we had the best time!   My mom is one of my best friends and I'm so very thankful for her and all that she does.

Pictured: Craig, Neely, Dad, Mom, Lea

8 - Twilight
One of the reasons we had such a good time at Mom's bday:

That's right, folks... we all went to see Twilight...LOVE IT!!!  All of us are hooked on the books (even Ben and Craig).  And I find it strangely fascinating that I have been sucked into the crush that is Edward Cullum.  I mean, not only is he the living dead...but he's even paler than I am. 

9 - Keystone Church
Always a highlight of every weekend...  (even though Josiah and Jay deemed this "pick on Holly weekend"...)

10 - Grant turns the BIG 3-O
Grant is officially an "adult" now...hmmmm....=)

In all seriousness, we love Grant and Jayme and truly value their friendship.  Grant is a pilot and had been out on a six-day trip.  I love this picture of him getting home after a VERY long week to find Jill, Shaun, Ben, and I crashing his peaceful house...

Jayme cooked a FABULOUS dinner and we had a great time celebrating with "Walter"!


Karen Floyd said...

Two things.....first of all I love being one of your best friends! Second thing... I am the one who has Neely's memory chip. Since memory chips, computers and I are not best friends...you don't have the pictures =)

Love you bunches!

Reneau said...

I love this post!! I can't wait to see Four Christmases, I would like to get into the Twilight series, I would like to try that place in Grapevine some time, I love seeing the pics of you, Jayme and Jill....Jayme's house is sooo pretty, and sorry about your computer experience!! Poor thing, crying in the rain! I cried a good one today if it makes you feel any better!!

Diane said...

I love your top ten!