Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Update For The Week

I just realized a few minutes ago that I haven't written a single blog this week...time for an update!

Work has been incredibly busy, but so much fun -  Our Facebook application, "I Am Teacher," is in full swing (over 200 teachers per day are joining...YAY!!); our business partnerships are really starting to take off (thanks to Jim Clor - our great new Director of Business Partnerships!); and our development team has completed several website updates that have generated a lot of new activity...  Busy, busy, busy - but I'm so thankful to have a job that I truly love and an incredible team of people to work with every day. 

To fill you in on last weekend...  Ben and I had an incredibly relaxing weekend away.  We did nothing...literally.  It was pure heaven to us!  Ben watched a lot of football and I think I read over 600 pages of books that have been stacking up in my "Need To Read" pile.  Loved it!   And by the way...those of you considering have to read 'The Complete Adoption Book: Everything You Need To Know To Adopt A Child (Third Edition)."  It's by Laura and Raymond Godwin and is an incredible source of information.

This upcoming weekend is sure to be lots of fun as well...  Keystone Church is celebrating our 4 year anniversary - so hard to believe four years have gone by since we started the church in an intermediate school cafeteria!  It's been amazing to be a part of this journey and to witness so many lives changed as a result of God's love and faithfulness.

Also on the itinerary for the weekend... Our great friends from BU, Billy & Angie McMahan, are coming in on Friday to spend the night.  We never see them as often as we would like, and we're looking so forward to hanging out and catching up!

And, finally, you know I had to add a few pictures...  We had a very impromptu dinner tonight at Brio in Southlake with some great friends.  It's rare that a night comes around where all six of us are in town, so we jumped at the chance to get together.  Fun times are always had with this crew!

Our dinner at Brio... Me, Ben, Grant, Jayme, Jill, & Shaun.

Shaun sportin' the Shoe Gypsy hat... (VERY cool store, by the way... An old friend of mine owns it, and you should definitely go spend some money in there!)

Myself sitting with Ben and Grant (of course they HAD to sit by each other...haha)

QUICK UPDATE ON 'BABY P':  We're still in the midst of Paperwork Round #1...taking a little longer to get everything together than I thought, but we're making good progress.  And (this may be jumping the gun a little, but I'm just too excited)...  I completely cleared out the room that will be Baby P's nursery this week.  The furniture, bookshelves, stuff piled in the closet...everything is gone and reorganized into a new room.  (And, yes, I had way too much fun reorganizing.)  Now it's just waiting for all of Baby P's stuff...can't wait to get everything set up!!!

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