Friday, October 24, 2008

Home Study / FBI Clearance - PAPERWORK ROUND #3

Hello to blog world... I've been MIA this week because I've been down at our WeAreTeachers board meetings in Austin.  What a great week!  It's always refreshing to meet with the entire many new ideas are always generated, and we all just have a blast hanging out.  Now, I'm back home and just trying to catch up from being gone for a week.

Baby P Update: We are ALMOST done with our enormous stack of Paperwork Round #3...YEA!!!  We each have to complete our autobiographies (which we are doing this weekend), we have our physical exams scheduled for Monday evening, our FBI Fingerprinting appointments scheduled for Tuesday morning, our references are all almost in...and then we FINALLY get to ship everything...PAR-TAY TIME!

Once all of the paperwork is in, our home visit and interviews will be scheduled within a week or two - then WE ARE DONE!  Oh!  And did I mention that potential birth mothers start viewing our profile/info in about a week???  So exciting!!!  We will be officially "waiting"...

This weekend we are headed to the Tapestry Adoption Conference at Irving Bible Church.  It should be interesting and we're looking forward to learning a lot more and meeting some other adoptive families.  We'll fill you in on all of that very soon!

And, are a few pics from our WeAreTeachers dinner that Sandy Fivecoat (our CEO and fearless leader) hosted at her house in Austin on Wednesday evening...(pictures courtesy of John Costilla).

William Goodwin (our tech genius), myself, and Sandy (our CEO)...  Drinking some homemade wine that William good!

Sandy is a singer/ we definitely had the "Fivecoat Piano Bar Sing-A-Long" for a little bit of evening entertainment =)  

John always thinks it's funny to take pictures of me eating (which is quite often).  This one he posted to my Fb page with the caption "She don't shy away from the buffet!"...  all in good fun, all in good fun =)


kelly said...

holly! i'm sure that paperwork was a beast! so exciting that birth mothers will get to look @ you guys next week - yaaaay! blessings in this journey :)

Shae said...

Hey Holly! Found your blog through Jaime's- how are you? How exciting! You guys will be in my prayers! It was so great looking through your blog and catching up with you! I am new to blog world so email me and I will send you an invite (did private blog). Tell Ben I said hello! Do you guys still keep up with Billy? I need to email him but I don't think I have his correct email address anymore.