Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Funny story for the day...

This will be very brief, but it was too funny not to share...

So tonight I had a few girls over to our house just to hang out and have some fun girl time. Obviously, on nights like these, Ben either finds something else to do or stays extremely well hidden.  (Tonight he headed out to Beef's for wings and to watch a game or something.)

Anyway, we had a fun little crew tonight which included one of my very best friends, Anne Hernandez, who also brought one of her daughters named Avery.  Long story short, Ben ends up getting home before the party ends and Avery is VERY excited because she loves Ben.  So she sits down and starts to talk to him...  Don't ask me why, but somehow they got on to the subject of us not having toys to play with in our house or something.  So Ben decides to tell sweet Avery (who is a very young six years old) that he and I are adopting a new little baby so that we CAN have toys in the house.  "ADOPTING???"  She was baffled by this word.  At this point, Ben tries to explain further but only digs himself in deeper and confuses poor Avery even more.  Then the light bulb finally came on... Ben realizes that Avery really has no clue about where babies come from, much less why their mom wouldn't be able to take care of them - yep...good one, Ben.  

I walked up just in time to hear Ben say, "Yeah...why don't you ask your Mom those questions in the car on your way home tonight."  So sorry, Anne...I'm sure you weren't quite ready to give your 6 year old "THAT" talk yet.  Avery's now wondering when you and Jake are going to be "adopting" another little baby...LOL!!!

And, here's a pic of the Hernandez family - Jake, Avery, Anne, and Kailey.  We love them so much!  It's a very old pic, mind you...Daniel isn't even born in this picture and he's now two years old.  Oh well.  I thought it was festive with the pumpkins and all =)

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