Monday, August 25, 2008

The Practice Club

I've definitely been lacking in blog posts lately...dang job sucking up all of my time (just kidding, John...I love my know that).  I promise I will get better...eventually.  

But I did want to throw a quick shout out to our friends - we had such a wonderful weekend and couldn't be more blessed by each of you!  Here's a few pics from the past week...just to embarrass them =)

The crew at Coal Vines...our favorite!  (Pictured: Jared & Jamie Mullins, Grant & Jayme Higgins, Shaun & Jill Hand, Ben & I, and Joe Peterson)

Shaun and Jill... He's 6'7" and she's only 5 foot (and a half inch...can't forget that)...what a pair!

Grant showin' his softer side to Jayme (Carl was getting jealous)...

The newlyweds...Jared & Jamie

Some of my favorite girls at Amber Mahon's baby shower...Candace Reneau, Angie Burton, Jen DeLaPorte, Me, and Tracy Preskenis.  Sadly, Anne Hernandez & Diane Bohannan are missing from our fun table worries, girls...I'll get a pic of you soon! favorite pic of the week (this one's for my animal-loving husband...haha)...

This is how Fat Jack and Johnny spent this past week while Ben was out of town...sleeping right on his pillow.  They love him.  And somewhere deep, deep, deep down...Ben loves them, too.  


Jill Hand said...

Love our practice club!! The pics are great. As always...wonderful and fun times!!

jayme higgins said...

We are so lucky to have such great friends...and great pizza!!!!